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The Perfect Saddle Fit

Individual solutions for you and your horse.

Independent authorized Schleese, Kent & Masters and Zaldi distributer

Our Services


One on One
Saddle Fit Consultation

I will draw the saddle support area on your horse and talk you thru it. After that we will put your saddle on and I will show you why your saddle is working or not.   


Saddle Sale
New or Used

Every saddle sale will come with a saddle fit consultation.

I will come with my demo saddles and a selection of used saddles for you to try and to check which saddle is best for your horse!


Saddle Fitting at your Barn

After the saddle fit consultation I know what needs to be done to fit your saddle to your horse. I am specialized in fully adjustable saddles. Not all saddles or brands can be fitted!

Key points of saddle fit:


●    Balance: The centre of saddle should be parallel to ground when on the horse’s back.

●    Wither Clearance: There should be at least 1-3 fingers of space all around the withers.

       No pinching.

●    Gullet Channel Width: Channel should be wide enough so the saddle does not sit on           the spine (3-5 fingers width).                                                                                         

●     Full Panel Contact: Panels should lay evenly across back all the way down.

●     Billet Alignment: Billets should be perpendicular to girth area of the horse.

●     Saddle Length: Saddle should sit in “support area” between withers and 18th                        thoracic vertebrae (end of ribcage). Shoulders and loin are not equipped to carry                  a rider.

●     Saddle Straightness: Saddle should be straight on back and not fall to one side when            viewing from behind.

●     Saddle Tree Angle: Panel tree points should be parallel to the horse’s shoulder.

●     Saddle Tree Width: Tree should be wide enough to allow the saddle to continue to fit            properly throughout the working movement of the horse.

•             Plus: Personal 36 point saddle fit evaluation

•             Dynamic saddle fit evaluation

•             Analysis of your saddle support area                                                               

•             Friendly and professional advice

•             Saddle fit adjustments and flocking done on-site


My rates are: Saddle fit consultation: $120 in Lower Mainland & $140 in the rest of BC

Tree adjustment: $ 100 only for certain brands.

Flocking on top of existing flocking: $ 60 to 100 – depending on how much is needed.

Plus tax


To see how I approach saddle fitting you can visit this website:

What Our Clients Say

Liza Capham


Perfect fit and explanation of things needed for it to be right! THANK YOU!!!

Christina Campbell

Trainer and Coach

Mariette is extremely knowledgeable and professional, and a lovely person in general. Have purchased 3 saddles from her which fit my horses amazingly. I cannot say enough good things about the Schleese saddles, both jumping and dressage

Cara Orringe

Rider and Barn Owner

Hi have had nothing but great experiences with buying and selling saddles, highly recommended.


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